Azure DevOps Server Hands-On Labs

Learn how you can remove barriers between teams, encourage collaboration, and improve the flow of value to your customers.

Explore DevOps with Azure DevOps Server and Visual Studio 2019

Azure DevOps Server, previously named Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, is the on-premises version of Azure DevOps Services. Azure DevOps Server provides integrated tools to support collaborative software development, including Git repositories, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), and interactive Kanban boards.

Azure DevOps Server

Get the accompanying VM

To make it easy for you to follow the labs, we offer a virtual machine pre-installed with Azure DevOps Server 2019, Visual Studio Enterprise 2019, Office and pre-configured with sample projects, users and data.

You can get access to the virtual machine the following ways:

  • Download the Virtual Machine - You can download the virtual machine, if you prefer to use it offline. The size of the download is about 18 GB and we highly recommend that you use a download manager to download the VHD file. The Accessing the VM page has detailed instructions on downloading the VM, including links to both current and the previous versions of Azure DevOps Server (previously named Visual Studio Team Foundation Server) labs.
  • Try it on Microsoft Hands-on Labs - If you are evaluating or want to try the labs without the hassle of downloading or setting up the virtual machine, you can access them from the Microsoft Hands-on-Labs center. You only need a browser. There is absolutely no download or setup required!